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Improving Lives One Well at a Time

I was born and raised in Togo, Africa. I’ve lived in the U.S. since 1996 and feel so fortunate to be an American. I also feel a strong calling to help the people back home in Togo secure a very basic human need—water.

Access to clean water is a luxury for most people in Togo; their limited water sources are often contaminated with dead animals and other debris, leaving villagers susceptible to waterborne diseases from bacteria and parasites. These diseases can result in grave illness and even death. Sadly, children are especially vulnerable.

Reliable sources of water are also scarce. Northern Togo, where I am from, has only two seasons each year: six months of rain and six months of hot, arid weather. During those arid months, it’s especially difficult for people to obtain water because all of the rivers—where villagers normally collect water—dry out, forcing them to seek out alternative water sources far from home. Women and young girls search as many as six hours a day to find water, walking miles in the unrelenting heat with heavy buckets balanced carefully on their heads to bring water to their families.

When I shared the struggles of so many Africans with friends in the U.S., I was touched by how many wanted to help and started to think about the best way to transform this desire into action. I knew, firsthand, how having access to a clean, reliable water source close to home could change so many lives for the better. I still remember the days when I had to search for water in 100-degree weather with no shoes on. I also remember what it felt like to carry water for miles with no food in my stomach. I wanted to do something to help people still facing those same struggles.

In 2013, I formed Wish Them Well and began collecting money to build water wells in villages in Togo that have no access to safe drinking water. Wish Them Well built its first well in May 2013 and continues to build and repair more every year.

With your help, Wish Them Well can provide even more Africans with access to safe, clean drinking water close to their homes.

Meet our Board of Directors

Susan Wilson – Vice President

After 20 years working in corporate America, Susan co-founded New Leadership Distinctions, an executive coaching and leadership development firm committed to Evoking Leadership Mastery, a journey in which you challenge yourself and expand your perspective on what is possible in your world.   Susan has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, is a Certified Management Accountant, a certified Integral Coach with New Ventures West and a Riso-Hudson Certified Enneagram Teacher.  She also donates her time and expertise to the Enneagram Prison Project. She has also taught classical pilates for 17 years having the great honor of being trained by Joseph Pilates protege, Romana Krzyżanowska.  Whether in coaching or pilates, each one of her clients reminds her that by fully showing up in the world, taking risks and trusting in self we can all live into our purpose.

Nancy Pron – Secretary

Nancy Pron is a retired resident living in New Hope, PA. She has served in various capacities on several boards over the years. The Bucknell Parents Board, The Pennington School Parents Board, and as the Director of Children’s Ministries at The Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville, she was the staff liaison to the Christian Education Board for seven years. Nancy has three grown children and two grandchildren. She is passionate about serving and protecting children, especially those most vulnerable in our community and throughout the world.

Beth Ganss – Treasurer

Beth Ganss has long been active in raising funds for several Outreach programs in the Philadelphia area. These programs provide temporary food and shelter for battered or homeless women and their children. The goal of these programs is to raise awareness as to the unique needs of these women as well as to find permanent housing and employment that will enable them to independently support their families.

Beth has an undergraduate degree from Lafayette College and a Masters of Taxation from Villanova University. She has years of diverse financial experience at D. Crowley and Company Inc. as Co-Founder/Vice President, the Binswanger Companies as Head of Taxation/CFO, Vertex Inc. as a Senior Consultant, and currently, is at Steven Singer Jewelers and companies as Controller.

Beth enjoys spending time with her family, biking, and playing the harpsichord.

With a Masters in Reiki as well as studying to become a Healing Touch Practitioner, her alternative interests include offering Energy Work to those that seek solace and self-healing.


Chris Stevens – Director IT

Chris lends her experience with IT to the Board of Wish Them Well Togo.  Her previous volunteer experience includes Board level volunteer with Discover Doylestown, a local non-profit supporting the community of Doylestown; volunteering on the Village Improvement Society, another local non-profit supporting the Doylestown Hospital.  Chris’ technology experience is routed in a employment with the West Virginia Medical Institute as a field consultant to physicians adopting medical records.

In addition, Chris is a Pennsylvania Real Estate agent, has a family of four children and five grandchildren.


We've Provided Water to Over 30,000 People in Togo.