New Well Built in the Village of Koayoh

New Well Built in the Village of Koayoh

The people of Koayoh came out to celebrate during the drilling of their new well, overjoyed at the prospect of having reliable access to clean water.  Like the people of Sagbiebou, they were forced to drink contaminated water from unreliable sources and to travel long distances during the dry season, which was exhausting and dangerous.  The rainy season starts in June and brings with it even more exposure to waterborne bacteria, viruses and parasites.  It is our hope that completing this well in May means that the people of Koayoh will be healthier and happier throughout the upcoming rainy season and for years to come. The new well at Koayoh was completed through the amazing fundraising efforts of the students at Northwood Academy Charter School in Philadelphia, PA, where our founder and director, Amina Capaldi, shared the story of her own experiences growing up in Togo.  Wish Them Well is humbled and grateful for these students’ hard work and generosity.  We are thrilled to share the results of their efforts and hope everyone will be inspired as much as we are!  

New Well in the Village of Tchaba

Repaired Well in Various Villages

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